The Intelligent Games and Game Intelligence (IGGI) conference is your annual status update and networking opportunity around the latest games research in AI, analytics, psychology, and more. IGGI brings together exciting keynotes, talks, workshops, and collaborators around two main themes:

1 – Intelligent Games: using research advances to support the creation of more intelligent, engaging games
2 – Game Intelligence: using games as a data source and dissemination tool for research and society

No matter if you are a technical lead, games designer, producer, developer, or user researcher, the IGGI conference allows you to sample the state of research in your field and find students and researchers to collaborate and embed the latest advances in your games.

The annual IGGI conference is organized by the Centre for Intelligent Games and Game Intelligence, an 8-year, £12 million Centre for Doctoral Training funded by the EPSRC. A collaboration between the University of York, University of Essex, Goldsmiths, Queen Mary University of London and more than 60 industry partners like IGDA, UKIE, TIGA, Sony IE, EA, Media Molecule, IGGI is training 56+ PhD students to develop cutting-edge research the games industry needs, and become the next generation of leaders in digital games research, design, and development.

IGGI allows industry partners to access, engage with and influence research in data analytics, artificial intelligence, computational creativity, human-computer interaction, graphics, sound, game design, embodied interaction, serious games, and gamification. Partner companies engage with IGGI through its PhD students in a wide range of possible ways, including targeted events, training days, secondments, joint research and development projects, or even co-sponsored PhDs. Last not least, IGGI allows companies to build early relations with future talent.

IGGI is always open for new partners. To learn more, see our website or contact the IGGI manager, Jo Maltby.