Mary Flanagan

Founding Director, Tiltfactor

Making Play Matter:
Games for Social Good

In this keynote, Mary Flanagan will explore how values are often unwittingly embedded in games and gameplay – and how designers can embed values deliberately without being preachy.

Dr Mary Flanagan is the founding director of the research laboratory and design studio Tiltfactor, founder of the publishing company Resonym, and the Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Professor of Digital Humanities at Dartmouth College. She is a cross-disciplinary designer, systems thinker, artist, writer, and maker of experimental and emerging forms, working to design for change in learning, public health, social challenges such as bias, and sustainability using community action, crowdsourcing, and play. As a game designer, she has authored award-winning and commercially successful board and card games like Monarch or Buffalo. As a scholar interested in how human values, gender, and culture are in play across technologies and systems, Flanagan has written seminal books like Critical Play (2009) and Values at Play in Digital Games (2014, with Helen Nissenbaum), and numerous essays and chapters on games, empathy, gender and digital representation, art, technology, and responsible design. As an artist, her internationally exhibited work ranges from game-inspired systems to computer viruses, embodied interfaces to interactive texts.



Making Play Matter: Games for Social Good

Spring Lane Building Lecture Theatre, SLB/118

Mary Flanagan (Tiltfator) on how values and causes can be embedded in gameplay.